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Mitopure, Neurogan Resveratrol, Toniiq Resveratrol. Text: 6 Best Autophagy supplements in 2024

6 Best Autophagy Supplements in 2024

Autophagy is a fundamental cellular process where the body naturally recycles cellular debris or clears damaged parts to maintain cellular health. As we age, this process gradually declines, and low rates of autophagy have been linked with signs of aging and degenerative diseases, which is why this process is a key focus for those interested in longevity and wellness [1].

While attempting to induce autophagy with nutritional supplements has been studied in smaller animals, there's growing potential for research into how certain supplements might support this cellular housekeeping in humans. Today, we'll explore five supplements with the potential to support autophagy and the top recommended products in their respective categories.

Like all Neurogan Health articles, this is intended only for educational and research purposes. None of these nutritional supplements are intended to cure or treat any health conditions or promise to slow down the biological clock. We're simply here to present the research to quench your curiosity about the potential health benefits of these compounds.

A Closer Look At Process Autophagy Process

Autophagy is often described as the body’s cellular housekeeping, helping maintain cell balance and proper function. Understanding autophagy can be made simpler by comparing it to a recycling and waste disposal system within each cell.

Imagine your cells as factories that constantly produce and use up materials. Over time, parts of the machinery (proteins and organelles) wear out or get damaged and must be replaced. The word autophagy literally means "self-eating." This natural process of recycling cellular debris and clearing out waste helps maintain cell efficiency.

During times of cellular stress, such as nutrient starvation, autophagy ramps up. This helps the cell conserve energy and survive tough times by digesting some of its own parts to reuse their basic elements. This is why intermittent fasting is believed to stimulate autophagy [2].

Many researchers believe that maintaining efficient autophagy is associated with health benefits, including healthier aging, inflammation, and a lower risk of developing various diseases. However, as we age, the efficiency of the autophagy process tends to decline, which is why finding ways to stimulate this cellular cleanup might help extend health spans.

By understanding and potentially boosting autophagy, whether through dietary choices, lifestyle changes, or supplements like spermidine and others we'll be discussing in this article, we may be able to support our body’s natural resilience.

3 Best Autophagy Supplements

  1. Spermidine
    • Neurogan Health Spermidine Tablets
    • Life Extension Spermidine Capsules
  2. Urolithin A
    • Neurogan Health Urolithin A Capsules
    • Mitopure Time Line Capsules
  3. Resveratrol
    • Neurogan Health Trans-Resveratrol Capsules
    • Toniiq Trans-Resveratrol


Spermidine is a naturally occurring polyamine in the body and foods like whole grains and mushrooms. It's directly linked to healthy cellular processes and has been found to promote autophagy in early studies [3].

Research in model organisms such as mice and flies has linked spermidine intake to increased lifespan and health span, although human studies are still needed to confirm these effects [4, 5].

Spermidine works to stimulate autophagy through the inhibition of an enzyme called acetyltransferase EP300. When specific proteins aren't acetylated, they become more active and can promote the formation of autophagosomes, the structures that encapsulate the cellular debris for degradation — think of it as the trash bag for taking out damaged cells.

Now, let's look at the top spermidine supplements in 2024.

Neurogan Health Spermidine Tablets

A bottle of Neurogan Health Spermidine Tablets

Our Spermidine Tablets feature 10 mg of pure spermidine, which can be up to 100x more potent than wheat germ.

One of the benefits of taking pure spermidine in this format is that you have a more precise dosage of spermidine, taking the guesswork out of trying to get spermidine from diet alone or through wheat germ-based supplements.

These quick-dissolving tablets are much easier on the stomach than traditional capsules and deliver a high potency of spermidine at a fraction of the cost ($24) of older spermidine products on the market, breaking down barriers to making healthy aging supplements more affordable.

Spermidine Life Original 365+

A bottle of Spermidine Life Original 365+

Spermidine Life was one of the first spermidine supplements on the market, and its Original 365+ formula is still very popular today because of its brand reputation and dedication to research and product formulation.

One thing to note in Spermidne Life's capsules is that they use wheat germ for a more holistic approach to increasing spermidine levels alongside a healthy diet. It can be tricky to get a precise dose of spermidine in each serving, as the spermidine content in wheat germ varies depending on its growing conditions and processing. At $69.00, this is one of the more expensive spermidine supplements on the market.

Urolithin A

Urolithin A is a compound created by gut bacteria as it breaks down ellagitannins, a type of polyphenol found in foods. Since relying on the gut and diet alone to produce urolithin A isn't efficient, urolithin A supplements have become much more sought after for supporting cellular health.

Urolithin A has been shown to induce mitophagy, a specialized form of autophagy that removes damaged mitochondria from cells, thereby improving cellular function [6].

Neurogan Health Urolithin A Capsules

A bottle of Neurogan Health Urolithin A Capsules

Our Urolithin A is a single-ingredient supplement encapsulated in a vegan-friendly capsule. It's quickly become one of our best-selling products alongside Spermidine, thanks to its effective formulation and our commitment to quality at every step.

Each serving contains 700 mg of Urolithin A, a dosage thoughtfully chosen based on scientific research to ensure optimal efficacy at a price point that's hard to beat at $51 per bottle.

Mitopure Time Line Capsules

A bottle of Mitopure Time Line Capsules

Mitopure is one of the first Urolithin A clinically tested Urolithin A products on the market, and it has a strong reputation among health enthusiasts and biohackers.

This Urolithin A supplement contains 500 mg of pure Urolithin A in each serving encased in a softgel capsule. It's a long-standing brand with a highly regarded reputation but comes with a higher price tag at $125 per month supply.


Resveratrol is a well-known antioxidant best associated with the skin of red grapes and wine, but it's also found in other berries.

Particularly, trans-resveratrol, the bioactive form of resveratrol, has been studied for its potential to activate specific pathways that promote autophagy activity, at least in animal trials, helping to improve cardiovascular health and neuroprotection [7].

Neurogan Health Trans-Resveratrol Capsules

Bottle of Neurogan Health Trans-Resveratrol Capsules

The Neurogan Health pure trans-resveratrol capsules deliver 1,400 mg per serving for a highly potent dose for daily consumption, free from additives and fillers.

We've created multiple iterations of this product and answered our customers' requests for a simple, high-potency resveratrol capsule they can easily integrate into their routines. Resveratrol is known to have a lower bioavailability in the gut, so we've increased the dose to help with this while maintaining a competitive price point at only $27 for a month's supply.

Toniiq Trans-Resveratrol

Bottle of Toniiq Trans-Resveratrol

Toniiq's trans-resveratrol capsules contain 600 mg per serving of two capsules ($24.97) sourced from Japanese Knotweed.

The 600 mg dose is also practical for consumers looking for a supplement that can be taken regularly as part of a daily health routine. This dose is easy to integrate into various dietary patterns and is likely to be suitable for a wide range of individuals, including those who may be new to resveratrol supplementation or who prefer a more moderate approach.

The Takeaway: Best Autophagy Supplements in 2024

While the supplements listed here show promise in supporting autophagy and enhancing cellular health, they're only one aspect of maintaining overall health.

Supplements are not cures for metabolic diseases, nor can they reverse aging — rather, they should be used as part of a holistic approach to wellness that includes a balanced diet, regular exercise, and adequate sleep.

If you have a healthy condition or are on medications, it's a good idea to check in with your healthcare professional before adding new supplements to your regimen.


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