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Too expensive, price keeps changing

Too expensive, price keeps changing

Awesome Necessary products

I have been searching for a form of Organic Spermidine and this is it!
Spermidine is so good for you and this product comes from Organic Wheat Germ.
I take it twice a day and am looking forward to all of the positive effects.

Misprint maybe? It says it’s BCP-157 on reference material… maybe scam

Im sketched out. I bought ghk-cu . It says it’s ghk cu on the front but the reference material says Bcp-157 & no where In the ingredients does it say ghk-cu… lab results are NO WHERE TO BE FOUND

Dear Riley,

We sincerely apologize for any confusion and inconvenience caused by the label error on a small batch of our GHK-CU products. We appreciate your diligence in reporting the discrepancy, and we want to assure you that we take this matter seriously.

Upon reviewing the lab reports you provided at, we acknowledge the mistake in labeling, which incorrectly mentions BCP-157 instead of GHK-CU.

To rectify this issue, we would like to offer you a replacement of the affected product with the correct label at no additional cost to you. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we want to ensure that you receive the accurate product you intended to purchase.
Kindly inform us if you wish to receive the replacement, and we will proceed with shipping it out to you.

Additionally, we want to thank you for bringing this to our attention, as it allows us to improve our quality control measures and prevent such errors in the future.

If you have any further questions or require assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support team.

Thank you for your understanding and continued trust in our products.

great stuff

great stuff

Berberine Capsules
Lisa Parrillo

Berberine Capsules

Neurogan Berberine Supplement Capsules

I like to use Berberine to assist in controlling my appetite. I prefer this supplement due to third party testing and it being 98 percent pure Berberine.

Energy tablets

These are so easy to take as they dissolve fast and are small. I did notice an energy boost and feeling
of wellness taking this. I've purchased from the Neurogan family for years and really enjoy all of their products.

US made, lab tested

The Neurogan B complex is a bit on the expensive side for what it contains, but it is a complete full spectrum product. The mottled appearance of the flat tablets is reminiscent of something produced by an underground drug lab in the 1970's, which was a bit surprising in the 21st century. However, the product was produced by the distributor in its own U.S. facility, and it is lab tested, both of which are more important to me than cosmetic appearance.

Feeling less stressed

Has helped in reducing my stress levels. More at peace and helps keep me calm during stressful situations.

No noticeable effect from this product

I have not noticed any difference after taking the supplement for over a month.

Urolithin A Capsules
paul kinison
Great Product!

Ever since I started using this, I have noticed I have been not as hungry and have actually lost a few pounds. I also feel like I’m not as bloated as well. It’s been about 3 weeks since I started taking the supplement, and I’m happy I did!


Look no further..Buy this product

Seems decent, but...

This seems like a good enough epicatechin supplement, but I'm a little skeptical of the quality. It doesn't say what it's extracted from, and I haven't been able to see any 3rd party lab analysis to prove the purity and strength.

The 250mg / tablet dosage is good, as well as the large 120 count bottle. But the key factor for me in supplements in 3rd party lab testing, and I would like to see more transparency from Neurogan on this.

Overall - it's decent, but a gamble. It wouldn't be my first choice of epicatechin supplement, and epicatechin in general needs more research before I would consider it a "must have".

No improvements for me

Despite the claims of this product, I can tell you that after taking it for a few weeks I didn't notice any appreciable difference in energy level at all. Your results may vary, of course, but I can't recommend it since it had no good or bad ramifications for me.

Helpful energy boost

This tables are not coated so you can see the different colors and textures of the multiple vitamins in them. Even though they aren't coated they do not dissolve in your mouth right away or leave a bad taste. They aren't large and are easy to swallow. I definitely feel a little more energy taking them, nothing huge, but noticeable. I am really liking these.

Taking this daily

I’m taking this daily. It seems to be helping with brain function and mental clarity. It’s an investment and worth it for me. I do take other supplements as well but this one is slowly showing it’s worth. 👍🏻

Epicatechin Tablets
Gary Stuber
Effective product!!

I have been taking this supplement for several weeks now, and am starting to notice several benefits, including reduction in muscle fatigue
and better exercise performance (I use the treadmill daily and have noticed that I am able to aerobically last longer on the treadmill even at a higher speed than previously done). Very effective.

Excellent Product

I am so impressed with this product. I do take a lot of supplements but I could feel improvements the same day that I started taking it.
After a week I continue to feel a great sense of well being. I am not sure how it works but for me it is a keeper.


Epicatechin is a bioactive compound classed as a flavonol, a plant based phytochemical which is found in a number of foods in trace amounts, including green tea and most famously, dark chocolate. This Neurogan supplement will give you a trusted pure and strong dose. One potential benefit enhanced muscle growth, which I have yet to see but I haven't been hitting the gym very hard lately. I have seen improvement in endurance however and am very happy with this product.

Great deal for 700mg

If you're looking for a high-quality urolithin supplement - ths is definitely worth trying. I recently ordered their urolithin A supplement and was impressed by the quality and packaging. The product arrived in great condition, and the softgels were easy to swallow.
One thing that set's Neurgan's product apart from other brands is the dosage. Each serving contains 700mg of urolithin A, which is a amount. . 60softgels per bottle makes it a great deal too.

Urolithin A Capsules
Patricia Morrison
Maybe too soon to tell

I ordered this to help with symptoms of Long Covid and for first few days I did seem to feel somewhat better, then less than a wk after I started, I’m back to feeling super fatigued all the time. Almost too tired to get up in mornings but force myself. Hopefully I will get some relief from these with more time. I will finish the 2 bottles but if no improvement, will not order again.

PQQ Tablets
Correne M.
Amazing product!

I have purchased PQQ to improve mitochondrial health. I've read it also supports healthy sugar and fat metabolism as well as cognitive functions. I have been using it for two weeks now and have already seen great improvements in my energy levels and overall health. Neurogan Health was the brand I was looking for and very happy with my purchase.

May be recommended for you, decided it's not for me for now.

First time using Epicatechin supplements
Benefits are long term
I noted no benefits in the short term (haven't finished the 60days.. probably have 20 something left)
noted no side effects so that's good.

I am trying a lot of new supplements and for now won't be continuing this.

I felt the difference in my work out

These were easy to swallow and had no aftertaste. Maybe it was me, but i did feel for energy and drive at the gym or when working around the yard. They are a little expensive, but I felt it worth it to get that extra push for heavy exercise or work.

Couldn't get past the smell

I just can't get past the very strong smell to even take these. I have taken a lot of B vitamins over the years and I have never had any with such a pungent odor. The tablets themselves look to be high quality and well packaged so I gave it 3 stars as I believe the smell is more of a personal preference than a quality issue.