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Spermidine Life Vs. Primeadine vs. Neurogan Spermidine. Text: Reviewing Spermidine Brands

Reviewing Spermidine Brands: Primeadine vs. Spermidine Life

Spermidine was once a very niche health product that wasn't as popular as it is today, which meant your options for shopping for high-quality spermidine supplements were very limited and expensive.

The two biggest names in this industry are Spermidine Life and Oxford Healthspan. But another noteworthy brand that's changing the expectations of prices for high-quality spermidine products is Neurogan Health.

Learn more about how these three brands compare and which offers the best spermidine supplement in 2024.

Brand Overview: Spermidine Life vs. Oxford Healthspan vs. Neurogan Health

When shopping for a spermidine supplement to add to your wellness routine, you'll find that the market offers several reputable options now, each from a brand with unique strengths, approaches to production, and company values.

In this section, we'll compare three leading brands: Spermidine Life, Oxford Healthspan, and Neurogan Health. 

From company origins, commitment to scientific backing to their product, and customer service experience to help you better understand which brand might best resonate with your shopping needs.

About Spermidine Life

Spermidine Life Brand Logo

Founded in 2016, Longevity Labs+ — the company behind Spermidine Life — was born from the visionary leadership of Petra Pongratz and Herbert Pock, who had come across the research of Prof. Dr. Frank Madeo in the discovery of spermidine and its potential for promoting cellular health, heart health, and longevity. 

Recognizing the need for a specialized approach to harnessing this compound, Pongratz and Pock partnered with the University of Graz to develop an extraction process to set the foundation for their product line.

By 2019, Longevity Labs+ launched spermidineLIFE Original 365+, marking one of the first spermidine supplements available. This initial product was designed to meet the highest standards of efficacy and safety, offering a new way for consumers to access the benefits of spermidine in a more convenient concentrated form.

Since the launch of its flagship product, Longevity Labs+ has expanded its range to include specialized formulations tailored to enhance memory, boost immunity, and increase energy. This diversification addresses the varying needs of consumers seeking to improve their health through targeted supplementation.

The company operates from multiple hubs, including Graz, Vienna, and the USA, strategically positioning it for global reach and influence. Its collaboration with the University of Graz continues to be a cornerstone of its research and development, enabling the continual refinement of its products. 

Oxford Healthspan

Oxford Healthspan Brand Logo

Oxford Healthspan is the company that brings us Primeadine.

This brand was founded by Leslie Kenny, a certified Bulletproof health coach passionate about translating cutting-edge health research into practical wellness solutions. Her collaboration with the University of Oxford has helped bring scientifically backed, Japan-sourced spermidine supplements to the forefront of health innovation.

The company is also noted for its credible scientific advisory board, which lends additional trust to its products.

Oxford Healthspan also strongly emphasizes education and transparency, providing extensive information about the benefits and science behind spermidine. This educational approach helps build consumer trust and allows individuals to make informed decisions about their health supplements.

Neurogan Health

Neurogan Health Brand Logo


Compared to the two big aforementioned names, Neurogan Health is relatively new in the supplement space but not in the health space. Neurogan Health is a branch of the successful family-owned Neurogan brand, specializing in premium, affordable hemp-based wellness products founded in 2016.

Neurogan Health was established with a passion for natural wellness and a mission to make affordable solutions accessible to everyday people.

Focused on promoting cellular health and healthy aging, Neurogan Health operates out of San Diego, California, where the entire manufacturing and shipping processes are managed. 

We also collaborate closely with researchers at Aalborg University in Denmark, ensuring our products are innovative and scientifically grounded. This approach allows Neurogan Health to maintain high standards of quality and affordability, positioning us as an upcoming leader in the health supplement industry.

Unlike the two other brands, Neurogan Health doesn't only specialize in spermidine supplements. Still, our Spermidine Tablets are one of our best-selling products alongside Urolithin A, which also focuses on the body's cellular renewal processes.

What sets us apart is the in-house streamlining of production and shipment processes, which is how we're able to keep prices low for customers, setting a new standard for once very expensive spermidine supplements.

Product Comparison: Top Selling Spermidine Supplement

Let's get into the juicy details — the spermidine product comparison from these three leading wellness brands.

We want to make this comparison straightforward and thorough, so we'll examine the price and the concentration of spermidine in each serving.

This comparison isn't an exact science. We recognize that a lot is involved in producing products, from research to extraction machinery to marketing, etc., so please remember that these comparisons are just a starting point or a handy benchmark, not the whole picture of what goes into each product.

Brand Product Name Count Mg Spermidine per Serving Price
Spermidine Life spermidineLIFE® Original 365+ 60 (30-day supply) *600 mg of wheat germ extract $69.00
Oxford Healthspan Primeadine® Original 90 (30-day supply) 954 mg of wheat germ extract 1 mg spermidine $90.00
Neurogan Health Spermidine Tablets 120 (60-120 day supply) 10 mg spermidine $24.00

Spermidine Life and Oxford Health offer formulas with wheat germ extract and additional ingredients that may offer a broader spectrum of benefits. Still, it generally has a lower pure spermidine formulation. In contrast, Neurogan Health provides a pure and potent spermidine option at a value price, catering to those prioritizing high spermidine content and affordability.

Let's get into this a little bit deeper.

Spermidine Life's Original 365+ capsules contain wheat germ extract as their spermidine source, with a 600 mg serving size (2 capsules). The exact amount of spermidine isn't specified due to the natural variability in wheat germ extract. However, the formula is enhanced with added thiamine and zinc, which some customers might find justifies the $69.00 price for a 30-day supply.

Oxford Healthspan's Primeadine® is a blend of 954 mg of wheat germ extract and 1 mg of pure spermidine, complemented by the prebiotic fiber FOS (fructooligosaccharide) derived from maltodextrin (beetroot) in the recommended 3 capsules serving size.

This well-rounded formula supports spermidine intake and digestive health, possibly accounting for its higher price point of $90.00 for a 30-day supply.

With no additional active ingredients, our Neurogan Health Spermidine Tablets are ideal for those who prefer a focused supplement or wish to customize their own supplement stack. The efficient manufacturing and direct distribution model allows us to offer a 60 – 120-day supply at a highly competitive price of $24.00 per bottle. This could also be the best option for those who don't enjoy taking multiple large capsules. The tablets are small and fast-absorbing; you only need one to get 10 mg of pure spermidine.

Spermidine Supplement Options Offered From Each Brand

Having examined the best-selling spermidine products from each leading brand, it's time to broaden our view and examine the other spermidine supplement options each brand offers.

Spermidine Life

spermidineLIFE® Original 365+

A bottle of spermidineLIFE® Original 365+

We've already examined the original formula in close detail, as it's Spermdine Life's best seller.

The product supports the body's cell renewal process and general well-being. Two capsules provide 2 mg of pure spermidine, zinc, and thiamine from wheat germ extract, costing €69.00 for a one-month supply.

spermidineLIFE® Memory+ 

A bottle of spermidineLIFE® Memory+

Memory+ is geared towards brain health. This formula delivers 2 mg of spermidine, saffron, zinc, and Brahmi in two capsule servings.

This formula is designed for those who seek the general wellness benefits of spermidine and wish to provide a little extra nutritional support for their cognitive health. One month's supply costs €79.00, which may be a luxury for most people.

spermidineLIFE® Immunity+

A bottle of spermidineLIFE® Immunity+

As the name suggests, Immunity+ contains wheat germ extract spermidine and other ingredients like shiitake mushroom powder, vitamin C, zinc, and Vitamin B to support immune system function.

Together, these ingredients may synergize to provide spermidine's benefits and offer a well-rounded supplement that supports the intricate workings of the immune system.

Just like Memory+, a month's supply costs €79.00.

spermidineLIFE® Boost+

A box of spermidineLIFE® Boost+

Moving onto Boost+, this powdered drink mix delivers 3 mg of spermidine per serving and promises to support energy levels with continued use. It could be a more user-friendly supplement for those who are averse to swallowing pills. The instructions state that you want to mix the Boost+ into 125 mL of liquid and drink it daily.

Compared to the capsules, these are a bit more expensive, but you get a higher spermidine content with each dose at €89.00 for a one-month supply.

spermidineLIFE® Pro+

A box of spermidineLIFE® Pro+

Pro+ is another powdered form of spermidine supplementation that's designed to be mixed into your favorite beverage. This is packed with 6 mg of spermidine and other vitamins and minerals for a more concentrated form of spermidine to support daily wellness.

This also comes in a premium price range, and it's the most expensive supplement at €179.00 for a month's supply.

Oxford Healthspan

Primeadine® Original Capsules

A bottle of Primeadine® Original Capsules

This is Oxford Healthspan's original spermidine supplement formula with a unique take on food-derived spermidine derived from Japanese wheat germ extract. It's combined with a prebiotic fiber called FOS (fructooligosaccharide), which is said to selectively feed the friendly, spermidine-producing bacteria in the gut biome.

This formulation aims to increase supplemental spermidines and encourage the body's natural ability to produce endogenous spermidine in the gut.

It's definitely on the expensive side, at $90 per one-month supply with 90 capsules, and it may not be the ideal format if you're averse to taking large capsules, as one serving size is three capsules.

Primeadine® GF Gluten-Free

A bottle of Primeadine® GF Gluten-Free

Because the original formulation contains wheat germ extract, it does contain gluten, so Oxford Healthspan launched a gluten-free version to make its products more accessible.

The Primeadine Gluten-Free comes from a sub-strain of chlorella isolated from over 100 others because of its naturally high spermidine content grown in Okinawa, Japan. It also contains putrescine, a precursor polyamine to spermine and spermidine. This is then combined with turmeric and nobiletin (citrus lime peel) to support spermidine's role in autophagy and natural anti-inflammatory properties.

This version is also $90.00 for a one-month supply.

Primeadine® Original Powder Sachets

A box of Primeadine® Original Powder Sachets

The powdered sachets are great for on-the-go use or for those who don't like swallowing large capsules. Each sachet delivers 2 mg of spermidine from Japanese wheat germ and is meant to be taken with food or a beverage.

Because these are in individual little packs, adding to a routine without worrying about measuring doses is easy.

How much will this set you back?

14 sachets cost $85.00, which can be steep for most people's supplement budgets. However, for some, the added convenience may be worth the price tag.

Primeadine® Original Spermidine Powder

A pouch of Primeadine® Original Spermidine Powder

The Original Spermidine powder is a more versatile product that allows you to create your own supplement capsules or sprinkle them into your food and beverages for an added wellness boost.

Oxford Healthspan recommends taking the Original powder with your last meal to kickstart the autophagy experienced during your overnight fast or with your breakfast to extend the benefits of your fast.

This pouch of powder is said to be a 3-month supply and rings in at $240.

Neurogan Health

Neurogan Health Spermidine Tablets

Bottle of Neurogan Health Spermidine Tablets

The Spermidine Tablets is one of our top-selling dietary supplements, likely because it delivers a concentration of pure spermidine (10 mg) — which is known to be much more potent than wheat germ extract and gluten-free — at an affordable price point of only $24 for a two or three month supply, depending on how you dose the tablets.

Unlike the two other brands, these tablets contain only spermidine as the active ingredient. The additional ingredients give the tablet form, structure, and stability. The quick dissolving and relatively small size make them easy to swallow and incorporate into most people's everyday routines.

Neurogan Health Spermidine Drops

Bottle of Neurogan Health Spermidine Drops

The Spermidne Drops delivers a more potent spermidine concentration, with 20 mg per serving. They're combined with distilled water, natural wild berry flavoring, and stevia for sweetness, which allows you to take them directly under the tongue or add them to your water.

This 2 oz bottle lasts most people 2-3 months of consistent use at an investment in your health for $28. This format is ideal for those who prefer a quick and easy method to consume supplements without swallowing capsules or tablets.

Neurogan Health Spermdine Gummies

Bottle of Neurogan Health Spermdine Gummies

Our Spermidine Gummies deliver the maximum potency of pure spermidine at 25 mg per gummy square.

Mindful of dietary preferences and restrictions, these gummies are vegan-friendly, catering to those who follow plant-based diets without compromising effectiveness or flavor. In addition, we've kept health and wellness at the forefront by ensuring that the gummies are low in sugar, which is ideal for those conscious about their sugar intake.

While these are the most expensive spermidine supplementations we offer, they cost a fraction of the price compared to the two big-name brands we've examined. One bottle containing 60 gummies costs $36.00.

Can You Buy Primeadine and Spermine Life on Amazon?

Primeadine is only available on the Oxford Health website. At the same time, you can find select Spermidine Life and all Neurogan Health products on Amazon, making it a convenient purchase with your regular Amazon needs.

For your safety, it's important that you purchase these supplements from the brand directly — not third-party sellers on Amazon.

On your quick search for spermidine supplements, you'll find that Neurogan Health's Spermidine Tablets are the “Consumers' Overall Pick”, likely due to the high spermidine concentration, tablet count, and affordable price point.

The Takeaway: Primeadine Vs. Spermdine Life Vs. Neurogan Health

Throughout this article, we’ve examined spermidine supplements from three reputable brands: Spermidne Life, Oxford Healthspan, and Neurogan Health — and each brand brings unique strengths in its product offerings to the table.

Spermidine Life offers a well-established product backed by years of research. Its spermidine supplements contain wheat germ extract and additional nutrients like thiamine and zinc.

Oxford Healthspan’s Primeadine combines wheat germ extract with pure spermidine and thoughtfully includes prebiotic fiber, crafting a formula that supports immune and digestive health. Those looking for a gluten-free version can also find that with Oxford Healthspan.

Neurogan Health stands out with its potent and pure spermidine offerings, which are inherently gluten-free and much more affordable than the other brands.

Third-party lab tests back all these products and have excellent reviews from happy customers. If you're still deciding which one to go for, the key is choosing a product that aligns with your health goals, dietary preferences, lifestyle needs, and budget. With long-term use, you'll get the most benefits from spermidine, so you may want to consider what option best hits your spermidine goals without breaking the bank.

As with any natural supplement, it's a good idea to consult a healthcare provider to ensure it fits your goals and consider the quality, potency, and value of the available products. With the right choice, spermidine supplementation can be a seamless and beneficial addition to your journey toward optimal wellness.

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