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Katrina Lubiano


Based in Canada, Katrina is an experienced content writer and editor specializing in health and wellness. With a journalistic approach, she's crafted over 900,000 words on supplements, striving to debunk myths and foster a holistic approach to healthier living through well-informed choices.

Katrina is a versatile content writer, editor, and strategist with a profound passion for health sciences and literature. Her expertise extends beyond the realms of cannabis education, as she now contributes her skills to Neurogan and Neurogan Health.

With a Bachelor’s degree in English literature, Katrina has honed her craft in the health and wellness space, having written well over 400,000 words. Her work spans various topics, from demystifying laws and regulations related to cannabis to debunking myths and exploring the diverse ways it can enhance overall wellness.

Having lived in both Brisbane, Australia, and Vancouver, Canada—known as the epicenter for cannabis culture in Canada—Katrina has made editorial contributions to well-established health blogs, e-commerce brands, and academic publications. Her wealth of experience extends beyond borders, providing a global perspective to her writing.

Outside the world of words, Katrina indulges in her creative side through painting and shares her artistic journey on Friday Jr. She finds joy in capturing moments through photography, sailing, and immersing herself in the tranquility of the mountains. Her diverse interests mirror her multifaceted approach to promoting health and wellness in every aspect of life.

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Best Peptide Cream on the Market in 2024

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