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Spermidine Supplements

Spermidine Supplements

Naturally occurring in the body, spermidine is a key component of a cellular renewal process known as autophagy, which tends to slow down as we age.*

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Spermidine's Biological Role

Spermidine is a naturally occurring polyamine that has been studied for its role in the autophagy process. It’s also a precursor compound to other important polyamines, such as spermine and putrescin, which are linked to cellular growth, function, and adaptation.

Autophagy and Cellular Health

Research indicates endogenous spermidine induces autophagy by interacting with specific cellular pathways. For instance, spermidine may induce autophagy by inhibiting the acetyltransferase EP300, which leads to the acetylation of proteins involved in the autophagy mechanism [1]. In studies conducted in mice and flies, boosted spermidine levels were linked with extended cellular lifespan and improved cellular function through its influence on the autophagic process, which may influence cognitive function and the immune system [2,3].

Supplemental Benefits

Spermidine supplements are believed to enhance autophagy, the body's natural process of recycling damaged cells into new, healthy ones. As cellular waste accumulates with age, it can slow down cell function, leading to biological aging. Our high-quality spermidine trihydrochloride supplements are designed to support cellular renewal and function, offering a foundation for a long and healthy life starting at the cellular level.

Our Spermidine Source

Our spermidine is sourced through a biotechnological process for gluten-free semi-synthetic spermidine.

We use genetic engineering to enhance the natural abilities of specific microorganisms and cell cultures to produce spermidine efficiently.

The production involves fermentation in controlled environments, ensuring a high yield of spermidine. This method allows for more consistent concentrations of the compound and supports sustainable practices that are gentle on our environment.

Benefits of Pure Spermidine Supplements

While eating more spermidine-rich foods such as whole grains and mushrooms may help increase spermidine levels, these foods aren’t always a reliable source for a consistent daily dose, as the concentration of spermidine in foods can vary. 

Potent and consistent doses

Gluten-free source

Support cellular health

How to Take Spermidine Supplements

Spermidine isn't fat-soluble, so it doesn't need to be taken with food to aid absorption. Doses typically start from 2-10 mg per day and can be increased up to 25 mg for a daily dose, according to your needs.

They can be taken at any time of the day, though some prefer taking them in the morning or before bed to align with the body’s natural rhythms of fasting and activity. The important thing with spermidine supplementation is consistent use as it helps the body use spermidine effectively over time, supporting the ongoing process of autophagy and cellular maintenance.

Unlike other spermidine brands, all our supplements come in three formats, all verified by third-party tests:

Tablets: Our spermidine tablets are quick to dissolve and easy to swallow, and they are a hassle-free way to take your daily dose.

Gummies: Delicious plant-based gummies containing a higher concentration of spermidine for enhanced support.

Droppers: Our tincture drops are best if you're looking for a more potent concentration of spermidine in a more customizable format.

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