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Woman putting about to apply peptide cream to her face. Text: The best peptide companies in 2024

The Best Peptide Companies in 2024

Peptides are tiny molecules with huge potential for helping you achieve a wide range of wellness goals, including muscle growth, weight management, healing, and skin and hair care. The tricky thing is not all peptide compounds are accessible without a prescription, and the FDA's watchful eyes are still reviewing many for safety outside clinical uses.

For the peptides you can access without a prescription, your next big worry is finding a dependable company that offers high-quality control measures in production for your safety.

We've scoured the market to bring you this list of the best legit peptide sources — where quality, safety, and selection meet.

What Are Peptides?

Peptides, also known as the "building blocks of proteins," are short chains of amino acids with a shorter sequence. This allows them to be absorbed more easily by the body, often with targeted benefits ranging from supporting muscle growth to fat loss to skin and hair health and accelerating the healing process.

This class of compounds has diverse capabilities, which is why they're the subject of interest in medical research and within wellness and biohacking circles.

Dangers and Legalities of Peptides

Peptides are not without their risks. 

Certain peptides can have significant side effects, and the legality of acquiring and using them depends on the specific peptide. Many peptides are still undergoing evaluation by the FDA to ensure that the peptide use is informed and, when necessary, supervised by medical professionals.

About The "Research-Only" Designation

When you look through these peptide companies, you may notice that most peptides are marked as "research only" or "not for human consumption" to comply with regulatory guidelines and reflect their intended use in scientific studies rather than for personal wellness.

This designation serves as a warning to consumers about the potential risks and legal implications of misuse and covers the peptide company for liability.

Peptides and Professional Sports

In professional sports, peptides are a controversial subject because they can give athletes an unfair advantage and help them evade detection in some doping tests. As a result, some sports governing bodies have placed bans and regulations on using certain peptides by athletes.

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has a list of prohibited substances, including specific peptides known to enhance performance. Athletes found to be using such substances face severe penalties, including disqualification and suspension from competition.

The 5 Best Peptide Companies in 2024

Neurogan Health

Neurogan Health Logo

Neurogan Health isn't exclusively a peptide company. 

We offer high-quality wellness supplements that support cellular health, brain health, and healthy aging, with copper peptides and other highly researched compounds.

While we're relatively new to the world of peptides compared to these top companies, we have over eight years of experience producing premium hemp wellness products in our Good Manufacturing Practices(cGMP) facility in San Diego, which follows the same strict guidelines for producing dietary supplements and medicines.

Product Highlights

  • Copper Peptide Collection: We designed this line to support skin and hair health with topical formulations, including eye serum, face serum, face cream, and a scalp spray, catering to a nourishing skin and hair care routine. For those seeking internal support, we have copper peptide tablets.

Core Peptides

Core Peptides Logo

Core Peptides caters to the research space with an extensive range of peptide compounds that come in powders and topicals. Core Peptides strictly outline that these compounds are for research purposes only and should not be used by humans or animals. These are extremely potent compounds with purity levels exceeding 99%+ with COA to verify.

Product Highlights

  • Follistatin-344: Follistatin-344 has been the subject of extensive research due to its ability to significantly enhance muscle growth and strength by inhibiting myostatin, a protein restricting muscle development. This compound has vast potential in studies related to muscle degenerative diseases, aging, and muscle regeneration, making it a valuable asset for researchers aiming to unlock new therapeutic avenues [2].
  • BPC-157 & TB-500 Blend: This combination is best for investigating the regenerative capabilities of both peptides, making it a focal point for research in healing and recovery. BPC-157 is known for its healing properties, particularly in the gastrointestinal tract and tendons, while TB-500 is more involved in tissue repair and regeneration [1], 3].

Amino Asylum

Amino Asylum Logo

Despite not being the largest or oldest entity in the peptide market, Amino Asylum has quickly gained positive reviews across platforms like Reddit and endorsements from prominent figures in the bodybuilding community with affordable, high-quality peptides. Again, all the peptides offered by Amino Asylum are listed for research purposes only, which leaves the purchaser at fault for any misuse of these compounds.

Product Highlights

  • BPC-157 Spray: Offering BPC-157 in a spray form simplifies its use and enhances absorption for direct application to the target area, potentially speeding up the delivery and action of the peptide.
  • Glutathione Spray: Similarly, Amino Asylum's Glutathione Spray brings the antioxidative power of Glutathione in a convenient spray form. Glutathione is a critical antioxidant in the body, playing a key role in neutralizing free radicals, supporting the immune system, and aiding in detoxification processes [4].

Sports Technology Labs

Sports Technology Labs Logo

Sports Technology Labs is where you can find high-quality selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs) and peptides for researchers who want to learn everything about human muscle growth and hormonal therapy available in liquid and powder forms. Sports Technology Labs is a long-standing peptide company with a strong reputation as one of the best peptide sources.

All its peptides are listed for "research purposes only" and should not be taken by humans or animals. Most of its peptides come in liquid forms meant to be injected, which people should not take into their own hands at home because of the risk of infection.

Product Highlights

  • BPC 157: Sports Technology Labs offers BPC-157 as a lyophilized (freeze-dried) sample within a sterile glass vial. This preparation ensures the peptide's stability and integrity until reconstituted for use in research settings.
  • Ipamorelin: a selective growth hormone known for its efficacy in encouraging growth hormone release. Its mechanism of action involves mimicking the ghrelin receptor, a key regulator of growth hormone secretion in the body. The product comes in a liquid vial form and is prepared for immediate use in in vitro lab research. This liquid formulation allows for precise dosing and ease of use in research environments.

Biosynth Labs

Biosynth Labs Logo

Biosynth Labs is a global leader and supplier of fine and complex chemicals, peptides, and key biologics, including enzymes and antibodies for pharma, biotech, research, and chemistry businesses.

The website catalog is massive and easy to navigate, with pricing listed upfront for bulk orders for research-grade peptides. The company also creates custom peptides for cosmeceuticals and project management for businesses that specialize in product research and development. However, you won't be able to purchase most of these compounds without a research license and will need to speak directly to one of their representatives.

Qualifications for The Best Peptide Companies

Identifying the best peptide companies in the market requires a comprehensive evaluation based on several critical qualifications.

These criteria ensure that the companies meet the basic expectations for product quality and customer service and adhere to ethical standards and legal requirements.

Here's an expanded look at what makes a peptide company stand out:

  • Exceptional Service: Exceptional service includes responsive customer support that can quickly address inquiries, provide product information, and resolve any issues.
  • Timeliness: Fast and predictable shipping times are essential, especially in a field where timing can be critical to research projects or personal health regimes.
  • Packaging and Handling: Proper packaging is crucial to protect the integrity of peptide products. Companies should ensure their products are securely packaged and handled carefully to prevent contamination or damage during transit.
  • Innovation and Availability: The best companies are often at the forefront of peptide research, offering the latest peptides and continuously expanding their catalog to include innovative products that cater to emerging needs and research areas.
  • Clear Information: Openness about the safety profiles, legal status, and recommended precautions for peptide use is crucial. This transparency helps customers make informed decisions and ensures that products are used responsibly and ethically.
  • Purity and Potency: Regular testing by independent laboratories guarantees that the peptides sold meet high-quality assurance standards for safety and efficacy.

Are All Peptide Brands Legit?

There are good and bad ones out there. The regulatory landscape for peptides is complicated, so consumers need to exercise diligence and prioritize safety and legality in their decisions.

Certain peptides are classified as controlled substances or prescription medications in many countries and regulated under strict laws to ensure their safe, ethical, and medically supervised use. This is due to some peptides’ potent biological effects, potential for misuse, and ongoing research into their safety.

Given these complexities, looking for peptide suppliers who are transparent about their business practices, including sourcing, manufacturing processes, and compliance with regulatory standards, is extremely important.

Legitimate brands sell peptides and provide educational resources for safe and effective use. This information can be invaluable for consumers, particularly those new to peptides, to make informed decisions.

Commonly Searched Peptides & Their Functions

Given the ongoing research in peptide synthesis and discovery, the number of peptides — both natural and synthetic — is continually growing. Still, these are the most popular sought-after peptides and their potential uses.

  • Muscle Building: Follistatin, BPC-157, and Collagen peptide
  • Weight Loss: 5-Amino-1MQ (but this has only been tested on mice) [5]
  • Beauty: Collagen peptides and GKU-Cu (copper peptides)

How Do I Take Peptides?

The method of taking peptides should be carefully chosen based on an individual's health status and treatment goals. For some peptides, it should be done under the guidance of a healthcare professional.

Peptide Supplements

Peptide supplements come in pill or powder form, which makes them simple to integrate into various health routines. However, the bioavailability of peptides in pill or powdered forms may be lower due to the digestive process they must undergo before absorption.

Mixing peptide powders into a smoothie or beverage can enhance absorption, as the digestive system can process them more easily in liquid form. This method often allows for a higher dosage to be consumed in a single intake than pills.

Peptide Nasal Sprays

Nasal sprays deliver peptides directly to the bloodstream and, subsequently, to the brain, circumventing the blood-brain barrier. This method is particularly useful for peptides that target neurological functions or brain health.

Peptide Injections

Injections offer the most direct delivery method, with peptides entering the bloodstream immediately. This bypasses the digestive system entirely, allowing maximum absorption and immediate effects.

Due to the risks associated with injections, including infection or improper administration, we don't recommend you DIY this. Peptide injections should only be administered under the guidance and supervision of a healthcare professional.

The Takeaway: The Best Peptide Companies

Woman in a bathrobe holding a face Cream jar and taking some cream in her hands

As the building blocks of proteins, peptide compounds offer many potential health benefits, supporting biological functions like muscle growth, brain health, weight management, and beauty enhancement. However, using these compounds requires due diligence, thorough scientific research, and a keen eye for safety.

For some of the legal grey area peptides, we strongly recommend speaking with a healthcare professional for tailored advice based on your health, history, and wellness goals.

This professional oversight is important for choosing the most suitable method of peptide administration, whether through supplements, nasal sprays, or injections, navigating safe dosages, and avoiding potential drug interactions.

The responsibility of choosing reputable peptide brands is squarely in the consumer's hands. The companies we've highlighted offer exceptional quality products, production transparency, and ethical standards in the wellness and research industries. By opting for one of these trusted sources, you can rest assured you're accessing some of the best legit peptides.


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