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Suplementos de Fisetina

Suplementos de Fisetina

La fisetina es un flavonol de origen vegetal y un antioxidante abundante en fresas, manzanas y persimos. Se ha estudiado por sus posibles beneficios para el bienestar, como protección contra el estrés oxidativo y apoyo al envejecimiento celular saludable. Nuestras cápsulas de suplemento de fisetina se derivan del árbol de cera japonés.

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Fisetina Cápsulas

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Potent Antioxidant Support

Fisetin is an antioxidant that supports healthy cellular aging and cognitive function. Our Fisetin Supplement Tablets contain 500 mg of highly bioavailable Fisetin derived from the Japanese wax tree, an abundant source of this potent flavonoid.

Cellular Protection

Fisetin supplements are believed to work by exerting antioxidant effects in the body, meaning it helps to protect cells from free radicals, which damage cells and DNA, leading to advanced aging and various ailments.

Enhanced Wellness

Research on fisetin has found that it may help to support healthy inflammation levels, and cellular signaling, which are beneficial for brain health, longevity, and overall wellness. With our high-quality Fisetin supplement, you can experience the benefits of this natural compound in a convenient and easy-to-use form.

Ingredient Highlight

Fisetin, a powerful antioxidant, is derived from both the Japanese wax tree and strawberries in our supplement, ensuring a high-quality, bioavailable source of this beneficial flavonoid.

The dual-source approach enhances the antioxidant capacity of our supplement, providing robust protection against cellular damage by free radicals, which can lead to premature aging and various health conditions. Fisetin's role extends to supporting healthy inflammation levels and efficient cellular signaling, crucial for brain health, longevity, and overall wellness.

Incorporating our Fisetin supplement into your daily routine offers a convenient way to tap into the natural benefits of this compound, sourced from both the Japanese wax tree and strawberries. Trust in our blend to assist in maintaining cellular health and cognitive function, contributing to a vibrant, healthy life.

High-Quality Supplements

We’re committed to providing the highest quality supplements to support your wellness journey. Our Fisetin Supplement Capsules are specially formulated with the most bioavailable form of this powerful antioxidant, sourced from the Japanese Wax Tree.

Not all supplements are created equal, which is why we prioritize rigorous testing and strict standards to ensure that you receive only the best. Each batch of our Fisetin Capsules undergoes independent testing to ensure potency, purity, and consistency. 

Our lead product formulators have taken careful consideration in making Neurogan Health an easy and efficient way to support aging and overall wellness. 

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