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Finding The Best Apigenin Supplement in 2024

Finding The Best Apigenin Supplement in 2024

Most people haven't heard of apigenin before. But, most are likely familiar with the relaxing benefits of chamomile tea. The primary compound found in chamomile responsible for these effects is apigenin, and its benefits extend beyond relaxation.

Apigenin is a flavonoid with many potential wellness benefits and has been researched for its ability to improve sleep quality, support healthy prostate function, and promote healthy aging. 

This article highlights some of the best apigenin supplements on the market to help you navigate the best supplement to support your needs.

The Best Apigenin Supplements in 2024

The best apigenin supplements of 2024 are those that promise and deliver quality, value, and reliability. 

The products we’ve chosen, based on our stringent criteria, stand out in a crowded market. They represent the best combination of purity, potency, price, and trustworthiness, making them excellent choices for anyone looking to incorporate apigenin into their health regimen.

1. Neurogan Health Apigenin Supplement

Bottle of Neurogan Health Apigenin Supplement

Our Apigenin tablets were designed to make taking a single active flavonoid ingredient an efficient part of an evening routine. Rather than using a chamomile extract, we opted for a highly purified apigenin compound derived from chamomile flowers for a potent dose of 100 mg per tablet.

Our customers appreciate the flexibility and effectiveness of our Apigenin tablets.

One tablet per day is recommended for general health support and healthy aging benefits, including the high antioxidant properties of this prominent flavonoid. This dosage leverages the antioxidant capabilities of apigenin, which is known for its potential to support overall health and combat oxidative stress.

For those seeking to enhance relaxation and improve sleep quality, a dosage of two tablets in the evening is advised. 

This increased amount is tailored to maximize the calming effects of apigenin, aiding in unwinding at the end of the day and promoting a restful night's sleep. It's a natural approach to relaxation that many of our customers find preferable to other sleep aids.

Price: $16

Count: 120

Mg per Tablet: 100 mg


  • Apigenin
  • Magnesium Stearate
  • Microcrystalline Cellulose
  • Dicalcium Phosphate
  • Silicon Dioxide

2. Neurogan Health Sleep Support Supplement (Rutaecarpine + Apigenin)

Bottle of  Neurogan Health Sleep Support Supplement (Rutaecarpine + Apigenin)

We set out to address a common issue many face in our fast-paced world: the impact of caffeine on sleep. 

Daytime caffeine consumption can often lead to restless nights, so we developed a sleep support supplement combining rutaecarpine with apigenin. It's perfect for those who love coffee but want a natural way to support healthy sleep quality.

Rutaecarpine is an intriguing compound derived from the Evodia raecarpa fruit, a plant used in traditional Chinese medicine. This natural ingredient has been studied for its potential to support the body's processing of caffeine, helping to mitigate some of its stimulatory effects.

Combined with apigenin, known for its calming properties, these two compounds work synergistically to help prepare the body for rest.

Neurogan Health's Sleep Support Supplement is designed to be melatonin-free because not everyone responds well to melatonin. 

This makes it an ideal choice for individuals who prefer to avoid melatonin or have found it ineffective. For those who live a plant-based lifestyle, you can rely on all our products, as all Neurogan Health supplements are free from animal products.

Price: $25

Count: 90 capsules

Mg per capsule:

  • 260 mg Rutaecarpine
  • 250 mg Apigenin


  • Apigenin
  • Rutaecarpine
  • Vegetable Cellulose

3. Swanson Apigenin Capsules

Bottle of Swanson Apigenin Capsules

Swanson's Apigenin Bioflavonoid supplement also has a natural approach to wellness, focusing on promoting restorative sleep and a quieter mind. Priced at $12.45 for a bottle of 90 capsules, it's one of the more recognized brands with affordable prices.

Swanson derives their apigenin from celery, a natural and familiar source. Past customer reviews claim a noticeable improvement in sleep quality without feeling as groggy, which is one of the benefits of taking apigenin supplements over other sleep supplements.

The dosage of 50 mg per capsule is modest, yet it appears effective. This makes the supplement suitable for both beginners to apigenin and those who prefer a lower dosage. One thing to note is that this product contains gelatin, which means it's not vegan-friendly.

Price: $12.45

Count: 90 capsules

Mg per capsule: 50 mg


  • Apigenin
  • Microcrystalline Cellulose
  • Gelatin
  • Magnesium stearate

4. Naturebell Apigenin + L-Theanine

Bottle of Naturebell Apigenin + L-Theanine

Naturebell has combined pure apigenin with l-theanine for a synergistic approach to managing a healthy sleep cycle and providing an antioxidant boost in one's diet.

L-theanine is an amino acid predominantly found in tea leaves, particularly green tea. It’s best known for its ability to promote relaxation without causing drowsiness. L-theanine is thought to impact the levels of certain brain chemicals, including serotonin and dopamine, which influence mood, sleep, and emotion. It's also believed to reduce brain chemicals linked to stress.

The combination of apigenin and l-theanine in NatureBell's capsules is designed to harness their complementary properties. While apigenin is known for its potential to promote sleep and a calm mind, L-theanine adds to this by potentially reducing stress levels and fostering a sense of relaxation.

Notably, these capsules are made with gelatin, which is not vegan-friendly. This could be a consideration for those following a vegan lifestyle or with dietary restrictions regarding animal-derived products

Price: $9.49

Count: 90 capsules

Mg per capsule:

  • 100 mg Apigenin
  • 200 mg L-Theanine


  • Apigenin
  • L-Theanine
  • Magnesium dioxide
  • Gelatin
  • Magnesium stearate
  • Rice flour

5. Double Wood Apigenin Supplements

Bottle of Double Wood Apigenin Supplements

While Double Wood Supplements’ Apigenin is one of the more expensive options, especially considering its lower dose of 50 mg per capsule, the brand justifies this with its high quality and manufacturing standards.

The bottle contains 120 capsules, providing a substantial supply emphasizing long-term use and value if you stick with its suggested 50 mg dose. A noteworthy feature of Double Wood's Apigenin supplement is its vegan-friendly capsules. This makes the product accessible to a broader audience, including those adhering to a vegan lifestyle or with specific dietary preferences.

Price: $24.95

Count: 120 capsules

Mg per capsule: 50 mg


  • Apigenin
  • Hypromellose
  • Rice flour

6. ProHealth Longevity Apigenin Supplement

Bottle of ProHealth Longevity Apigenin Supplement

ProHealth Longevity has specifically formulated this supplement to support the needs of adults over 40. The high dosage of apigenin aims to support heart health, promote restful sleep, and contribute to longevity.

Each ProHealth Longevity supplement capsule packs a substantial 250 mg of apigenin, making it one of the most potent options. The suggested serving size of two capsules daily elevates the intake to 500 mg, catering to those who seek a higher dosage for more pronounced effects.

The apigenin in this supplement is derived from parsley, a natural and potent source of this flavonoid. And it also includes dried parsley powder for even more apigenin. Additionally, ProHealth Longevity has enhanced the formula with piperine, a compound known to aid in the absorption of nutrients. Piperine, often found in black pepper, helps the bioavailability of apigenin, ensuring that the body can more effectively use the supplement.

At $43.45 for 60 capsules, ProHealth Longevity’s Apigenin supplement is priced as a premium product. However, the high concentration of apigenin per capsule, combined with the inclusion of piperine for improved absorption, presents a strong value proposition for those willing to invest in a more potent apigenin supplement.

Price: $43.45

Count: 60 capsules

Mg per capsule: 250 mg


  • Apigenin
  • Parsley powder
  • Piperine
  • Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose

Apigenin Supplement Dosage

While we cannot suggest specific dosages, we can refer to existing research to provide a broad overview of what is considered safe, and what benefits apigenin achieves..

How Much Apigenin to Take for Sleep

Dosages of apigenin supplements can range widely, typically from 50 mg to several hundred milligrams per serving. The exact amount that may aid in sleep isn't precisely defined in clinical terms.

Lower doses, such as those found in chamomile tea (which contains apigenin but in smaller amounts than concentrated supplements), have been anecdotally associated with sleep improvements.

How Much Apigenin to Take to Support Cognitive Function

Apigenin supplements commonly range in dosage from 50 mg to several hundred milligrams per serving. 

The exact amount that might benefit cognitive function is not clearly defined in existing research. As a bioflavonoid, apigenin is known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory potential, which may contribute to overall cognitive benefits.

Personal health factors, potential interactions with medications, and the individual nature of dietary supplement effects should all be considered.

How Much Apigenin to Take for Prostate Health

You'll find supplements on the market ranging from 50 mg to 500 mg per serving targeted towards prostate health, but the FDA outlines no clearly defined guideline.

Some studies have suggested that apigenin may have anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties, which could be beneficial for prostate health. These studies have explored the effects of apigenin on prostate cells in laboratory settings, but more extensive human clinical trials are needed to establish effective dosages.

Some people might take lower doses as part of a broader dietary supplement regimen, while others might opt for higher doses, depending on individual health goals and the advice of healthcare providers.

Melatonin vs. Apigenin Supplements

When considering natural sleep aids, the choice often comes down to melatonin versus apigenin supplements. Both are considered safe, but they work differently & many have started to opt for melatonin free capsules.

Melatonin is a hormone that regulates the sleep-wake cycle. It's effective for many but can cause side effects like drowsiness, headaches, or dizziness in some individuals. Its impact on hormonal balance can also be a concern, especially with long-term use.

Apigenin, on the other hand, is a non-hormonal bioflavonoid found in plants like chamomile. It promotes relaxation and sleep without directly altering sleep hormones. This makes apigenin a potentially safer option for those sensitive to hormonal changes or who experience side effects from melatonin.

Potential Side Effects of Apigenin Supplements

Some individuals may experience allergic reactions, especially if they are sensitive to the source plant of the apigenin.

The safety of apigenin supplements also depends on the quality and purity of the product. Not all brands prioritize consumer safety, so reviewing the entire ingredient list is essential. Opt for products with third-party lab testing for quality assurance to ensure you get a safe, high-quality supplement.

The Takeaway: Top-Rated Apigenin Supplement

In our review of apigenin supplements for 2024, Neurogan Health's options stand out as the top choice for most individuals seeking general wellness and sleep support. Our formulations perfectly balance efficacy, quality, and versatility, catering to various health needs.

At the end of the day, the right apigenin supplement comes down to lifestyle and budget. All the options presented here come backed with rigorous testing, a strong customer base of satisfaction, and a wide range of price points.

While apigenin supplements are considered safe for most people, it's important that you consult with a healthcare professional if you're taking high doses of apigenin, have a health condition, or are on medications.

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