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woman working out in the gym. text: 3 best epicatechin supplements in 2024

The 3 Best Epicatechin Supplements in 2024

Epicatechin is a flavonoid found in foods like cacao, green tea, and various fruits. It has high antioxidant potential, but what makes this compound unique is its properties that contribute to mitochondrial health and nitric oxide production. These properties make it an intriguing dietary supplement for older adults and athletes looking to maximize their aerobic and anaerobic fitness.

As you can expect, epicatechin is a popular compound in the bodybuilding and biohacking community. We're here to examine the top three epicatechin supplements on the market and what makes them stand out.

The 3 Top Epicatechin Supplements in 2024

  1. Neurogan Health Epicatechin Capsules
  2. Element Nutriceuticals Epicatechin
  3. Nutrabio Enhancement Epicatechin

Neurogan Health Epicatechin Capsules

Bottle of Neurogan Health Epicatechin Capsules

In our research and development, conducted in collaboration with Aalborg University in Denmark, we found that many people were looking for a high-potency, pure epicatechin capsule. The problem is that most dietary epicatechin supplements max out at 200–300 mg per serving, which might not be strong enough to reach certain athletes' fitness goals for lean muscle growth and performance.

Each of our Neurogan Health Epicatechin Capsules delivers 500 mg of pure epicatechin, with a recommended serving size of 2 capsules daily to reach 1000 mg without swallowing an extremely large capsule.

Made in our GMP-certified facility in San Diego, California, and third-party tested locally, this efficiency allows us to extend the cost savings directly to our customers. Committed to our mission of delivering top-tier, cost-effective wellness supplements, we take pride in offering one of the most competitively priced epicatechin products.


  • Price: $40
  • Size: 60 Capsules
  • Epicatechin Mg Per Capsule: 500 mg
  • Recommended Serving Size: 1000 mg (2 capsules)

Element Nutriceuticals Epicatechin Capsules

Bottle of Nutrabio Epicatechin Capsules

Available conveniently at major in-store supplement retailers, Element Nutricuticals Capsules delivers 300 mg of epicatechin, 200 mg of green tea extract, and 100 mg of beetroot extract. Green tea extract, rich in antioxidants and other bioactive compounds, is believed to enhance metabolic health and support cardiovascular function. The 200 mg dosage contributes to endurance and recovery, making it highly beneficial for active individuals, but it may not be the best idea for those sensitive to caffeine.

Beetroot extract is in this formula because of its high concentration of nitrates, which may be converted into nitric oxide in the body.

Element Nutriceuticals’ combination of epicatechin with green tea and beetroot extracts targets multiple pathways for supporting nitric oxide production, making it a dependable supplement for those seeking to maximize their physical potential and overall well-being.


  • Price: $39
  • Size: 60 Capsules
  • Epicatechin Mg Per Capsule: 300 mg
  • Recommended Serving Size: 300 mg (1 capsules)

Nutrabio Epicatechin Capsules

Bottle of Nutrabio Epicatechin Capsules


NutraBio has built a reputation on transparency and quality as a trusted brand in the bodybuilding space. Its epicatechin supplement is made of simple ingredients that ensure users know what they are consuming without any hidden fillers or unnecessary additives.

The 300 mg serving is potent enough to support the high demands of muscle growth and recovery that serious athletes require to support strength, endurance, and overall muscle health.

  • Price: $40
  • Size: 60 Capsules
  • Epicatechin Mg Per Capsule: 500 mg
  • Recommended Serving Size: 500 mg (1 capsules)

Bodybuilding And Epicatechin Supplements

Epicatechin is gaining a lot of hype as a naturally derived dietary supplement, but it's important to temper expectations with realistic outcomes.

Here are several anecdotal accounts from individuals in the bodybuilding community who have incorporated epicatechin into their routines.

These testimonials highlight the subtle yet appreciable effects that can be anticipated.

Increased Endurance and Recovery

Mark, a 35-year-old amateur bodybuilder, shared his experience: “After adding epicatechin to my regimen, I noticed a modest improvement in my endurance during workouts. It wasn’t a night-and-day difference, but I could push through a few extra reps in my last sets, contributing to my overall muscle tone over several months. What stood out for me was the reduced soreness the next day, which really helped with my recovery.”

Subtle Strength Gains

Emily, a competitive athlete, noted: “I started using epicatechin as part of my supplement stack about six months ago. The gains in strength have been gradual but consistent. It’s not like taking a pre-workout where you feel a sudden surge, but over months, I’ve definitely seen an improvement in how much I can lift. It’s a slow build, which actually suits my training style very well.”

Enhanced Muscle Fullness

Tom, a personal trainer, commented: “One thing I really like about epicatechin is the effect it seems to have on muscle fullness. While it’s not dramatic, my muscles feel slightly more pumped, and that effect seems to last a bit longer. It’s not just during the workout but throughout the day, which is great for my confidence and motivation.”

Realistic Expectations

Sophia, a long-time gym enthusiast, advised: “If you’re thinking of trying epicatechin, go in with realistic expectations. It’s not going to transform your body overnight, but with consistent use, you might find small improvements in how you perform and recover. For me, it’s been about stacking those small wins over time.”

The Takeaway: The Best Epicatechin Supplements in 2024

Regarding goals for lean muscle mass, muscle recovery, and heart health, epicatechin supplements like Neurogan Health, Element Nutriceuticals, and Nutribio stand out for their quality and price points. Still, Neurogan Health stands out for its high potency and affordability, almost double the amount of epicatechin per capsule at around the same price.

As we've explored through personal testimonials, the effects of epicatechin are subtle yet meaningful for those looking to optimize their exercise and training efforts. Users can expect gradual improvements that contribute to long-term gains in physical performance and well-being.

It's still worth underlining that dietary supplements can work differently for everyone, depending on their overall fitness levels, health goals, and genetics. We encourage people to set realistic expectations and speak with a healthcare professional for even more guidance for specific wellness goals.

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