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PQQ Tablets

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Antioxidant • Energy • Neuroprotection

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PQQ Tablets

Aging populations, confronted with the natural decline of mitochondrial function, often turn to our PQQ supplement as a reliable ally for energy production and cognitive support.

Similarly, health enthusiasts and biohackers, keen on optimizing their health and maximizing biological potential, value its role in their routines. For ideal results, we recommend consuming one 40mg PQQ tablet daily at a consistent time.

While it's adaptable for intake with or without food, coupling it with a meal might enhance absorption and minimize any stomach unease. It's essential to recognize that PQQ supplements works subtly but effectively, primarily fortifying mitochondrial health and cognitive functions without immediate, overt effects.



Our PQQ supplement is produced in a cGMP-certified facility, ensuring each batch meets high standards of safety and quality. Adhering to the preferences of our health-conscious customers, we've developed a vegan formula. Beyond our manufacturing process, each product undergoes third-party lab testing, affirming its purity and effectiveness.

Made entirely in the USA, our supplements come from a growing small business, making strides on platforms like Amazon and within the broader health supplement industry. We're driven by a simple commitment to quality and our community.

PPQ Supplement FAQ's

Spermidine Tablets Spermidine Tablets PQQ Tablets PQQ Tablets L-Ergothioneine Tablets L-Ergothioneine Tablets

10 mg

40 mg

300 mg


Spermidine from natural wheat germ, supporting cellular health and metabolism.

Each serving of PQQ supports mitochondrial and cognitive health with antioxidant benefits.

Naturally derived L-Ergothioneine per tablet for cellular protection and cognitive health support.

Why Choose This?

Experience enhanced vitality and a youthful glow with our plant-based Spermidine Tablets, promoting natural detox and cellular renewal for overall wellness.

Trusted by health enthusiasts for energy and cognitive support; our precision-made, vegan tablets are ideal for optimizing health.

Sourced from Shiitake and Oyster mushrooms to aid in countering aging and stress, ensuring longevity benefits with a potent, vegan option.

Made in USA
3rd Party Tested Under Analysis

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Correne M.
Amazing product!

I have purchased PQQ to improve mitochondrial health. I've read it also supports healthy sugar and fat metabolism as well as cognitive functions. I have been using it for two weeks now and have already seen great improvements in my energy levels and overall health. Neurogan Health was the brand I was looking for and very happy with my purchase.

Jerry T.
A less common supplemenr

It is rather a novelty supplement for me. I try it because of brand Neurogan which I like and trust. Then my own dose adjustment. PQQ is supposed to impact celluar functions. For me it also means that most likely I won;t feel any impact soon. Proper food is also a source of PQQ so I sarted with lower dose. then one a day. I had noany side effects.

J. Ma
Long Time Neurogan Customer

I have used a variety of Neurogan products in the past two years starting with CBD oil drops for my dogs and branching out to Human CBD gummies and have tried a number of Neurogan supplements as they become available. The company has high standards and performs testing of supplements to insure quality control. I was interested in this product for it’s applications affecting mitochondrial action on a cellular level. I have taken one tablet once a day and while it is hard to gage what is going on with my mitochondria i have found some positive effects as far as energy level and the tablets are quite flat and round as in photo and easy to swallow despite my tendency to get large pills temporarily caught in my throat from time to time. I would recommend PQQ from Neurogan to anyone looking to enhance well being through support of mitochondrial functions in the body and will continue to use Neurogan PQQ daily in the future.

4 month bottle of high dosage PQQ (40mg)

This is a 4 month bottle of high dosage PQQ. Some people take 10mg, 20mg, but this is 40mg. For the big boys.
For some strange reason on the front of the bottle it says 4,800mg total PQQ. It's actually kind of funny. They added up all 120 tablets (120x40) and put the full weight of all the PQQ on the front. But you know, there's no need to exaggerate. 40mg is a high dose.

Dave H
Research on PQQ looks promising.

My doctor has me taking PQQ for mold exposure.

The research I have read about PQQ looks promising.

However, I don't "feel" any obvious change yet.

This seems priced reasonably.