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Fisetin Capsules

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Cellular Health • Energy • Healthy Inflammation

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Natural Origins and Advanced Extraction

Our Fisetin capsules begin with high-purity, sustainably sourced extracts from strawberries and the Rhus Succedanea (Japanese Wax Tree), which are celebrated for their rich natural content of Fisetin. These extracts lay the foundation for our product, but our innovative process does not stop there. Employing a sophisticated extraction method, we precisely isolate Fisetin from these natural sources. This technique addresses the issue of variability in Fisetin content, ensuring we can extract and concentrate this beneficial compound effectively for inclusion in our capsules.

Proprietary Process for Enhanced Bioavailability

Following extraction, we implement a proprietary synthesis process to further purify Fisetin. This crucial step not only refines the compound but also significantly improves its bioavailability when consumed as a dietary supplement. This enhancement is key to maximizing the potential health benefits for our users. Our meticulous process guarantees that each capsule delivers consistent Fisetin levels, essential for maintaining long-term effectiveness despite the natural variation in plant extracts.

Commitment to Quality and Sustainability

Our dedication to creating a superior Fisetin supplement extends to ensuring scalability and environmental sustainability. By efficiently scaling our production to meet customer demand, we also make conscientious use of natural resources. The result is a product that not only supports cellular health and vitality with its potent formula but also aligns with our commitment to sustainability. In conclusion, our Fisetin capsules represent the pinnacle of scientific advancement and natural sourcing, offering our customers a product of unmatched purity, consistency, and efficacy.

Ingredient Highlight

Fisetin, a powerful antioxidant, is derived from both the Japanese wax tree and strawberries in our supplement, ensuring a high-quality, bioavailable source of this beneficial flavonoid.

The dual-source approach enhances the antioxidant capacity of our supplement, providing robust protection against cellular damage by free radicals, which can lead to premature aging and various health conditions. Fisetin's role extends to supporting healthy inflammation levels and efficient cellular signaling, crucial for brain health, longevity, and overall wellness.

Incorporating our Fisetin supplement into your daily routine offers a convenient way to tap into the natural benefits of this compound, sourced from both the Japanese wax tree and strawberries. Trust in our blend to assist in maintaining cellular health and cognitive function, contributing to a vibrant, healthy life.

High Quality Sourced

Fisetin Capsules

Experience the incredible benefits of Fisetin Capsules and supercharge your vitality. Regular use of this natural wonder can leave you feeling more focused, energized, and vibrant, equipping you to take on whatever challenges life presents.

Our team of experts at Neurogan Health have been inspired by the latest scientific advancements in aging research that demonstrate the remarkable abilities of Fisetin. This natural compound has been shown to support memory, cognitive function and cellular repair through its powerful antioxidant properties. With a pure dose of 500mg in every capsule, our high potency Fisetin supplement comes in at a value that you can trust. Choose Neurogan Health capsules as a science-backed, all-natural way to support your wellness journey.

Fisetin Capsules FAQ

PQQ Tablets PQQ Tablets Fisetin Capsules Fisetin Capsules Urolithin A Capsules Urolithin A Capsules

40 mg

500 mg

700 mg


Each serving of PQQ supports mitochondrial and cognitive health with antioxidant benefits.

Potent Fisetin capsules for cognitive support and cellular protection, aiding healthy aging.

Urolithin A from pomegranates, strawberries, and raspberries, designed to enhance cellular health and vitality.

Why Choose This?

Trusted by health enthusiasts for energy and cognitive support; our precision-made, vegan tablets are ideal for optimizing health.

Designed for vitality and focus, with science-backed, natural ingredients for overall wellness.

Supports overall well-being at the cellular level, boosts mitochondrial function and exercise performance.

Made in USA
3rd Party Tested

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Not a powder; grainy

This is not a smooth powder; it is very grainy. The grains are very hard. I doubt if my body will absorb the ficetin from the hard grains.

Jack O.
Appears to be good deal

Appears to be legit, yellow insoluble powder, like it should be. I've had some phonies from ebay (white powder, soluble in water) but this product looks OK. Excellent price. I'm taking it for the Mayo protocol (20mg/kg x 3 consecutive days every 2 months.) Like most supplements, it's hard to say whether its working.

Karen Edler

Haven't been taking them long enough to o review

Erick Dorn
Good health product

I try lots of different products for my well being. This was a good quality product that help me focus and feel better with less stress. I thought it was a little pricy but overall a great value. I have tried a few different products but the Neurogen line keeps me coming back. So far all their products have worked well. I plan on trying more but their CBD is my favorite especially for sleeping.

Antioxidant Junky!

I admit, I have become an antioxidant junky after taking Regime Londons Regenerate a couple of years ago and first hand experience less aging. Among other things, I have tried Carbon 60, NMN, Opti-MSM, pomegranate pills, and many more, and these pills fit just right in. Its hard to say my brain function has increased just because of these, since I take so many supplements daily, but I did not feel any adverse effect to suggest otherwise. Thanks for reading, and YMMV.