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Tabletas de L-ergotioneína

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Antioxidante • Estado de ánimo • Envejecimiento saludable

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L-Ergothioneine Tablets

Neurogan Healths L-Ergothioneine tablets offer high-potency support for your aging, with each tablet delivering a 5mg dosage.

Unlike many alternatives, our Ergothioneine tablet formulation ensures a steady release for optimal absorption, maximizing the healthy aging benefits of L-Ergothioneine from the amino acid that is commonly found in Shiitake and Oyster mushrooms.

Produced under strict quality controls in our cGMP San Diego facility and verified by third-party labs, you're assured purity and potency with each tablet.

As a family-run business, your health and satisfaction are paramount. If our product doesn't align with your expectations, we're committed to a hassle-free refund within 30 days.



Take one 5 mg tablet every day. Since our bodies don't naturally produce 'ergo', this tablet helps support your brain and immune system.

We make all our L-ergothioneine tablets in our San Diego facility and include a 3rd party test to ensure they're top quality & safe.

At Neurogan, we care about your health and want to give you the best life moving forward.

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Gotas de L-ergotioneína Gotas de L-ergotioneína Tabletas de L-ergotioneína Tabletas de L-ergotioneína Tabletas de huperzina-A Tabletas de huperzina-A

11.6 mg

300 mg

400 mcg


Delivers swift antioxidant benefits for cellular defense, energy boost, and eye health support.

Naturally derived L-Ergothioneine per tablet for cellular protection and cognitive health support.

Supports learning and memory, protects neurons against oxidative stress and provides strong antioxidant support for brain health

Why Choose This?

In drop form for rapid absorption and multifaceted health benefits, including potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory support.

Sourced from Shiitake and Oyster mushrooms to aid in countering aging and stress, ensuring longevity benefits with a potent, vegan option.

Enhances cognitive functions, supports memory and learning with neuroprotective and antioxidant properties.

Made in USA
3rd Party Tested Under Analysis Under Analysis

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