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Suplementos para el Hígado

Suplementos para el Hígado

Nuestros suplementos y vitaminas para la salud del hígado están especialmente formulados para brindar apoyo específico a la función hepática. Con DHM, conocido por sus efectos desintoxicantes, y berberina, esencial para la energía celular y el mantenimiento de la salud del hígado. Estos ingredientes clave trabajan juntos para mejorar el rendimiento del hígado y el bienestar general. Nuestros suplementos, cuidadosamente elaborados para lograr una alta eficacia y biodisponibilidad, garantizan un cuidado óptimo del hígado con cada dosis.

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Cápsulas de berberina

[ 1000mg ]


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Berberine Capsules with Cinnamon & Black Pepper

[ 800mg ]


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Cápsulas de dihidromiricetina (DHM)

[ 450mg ]


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We work with leading supplement formulators and scientists to develop and refine our longevity products, using only the best natural ingredients and rigorous quality standards. 

Our longevity supplements contain ingredients believed to nourish and protect the body's cells, potentially supporting optimal function and possibly mitigating the effects of age-related decline.

But quality doesn't have to mean high prices. We believe everyone should have access to premium-quality supplements, so we strive to keep our products affordable and accessible. 

Whether you're looking to support your immune system, boost your energy levels, or promote healthy aging, Neurogan Health has the supplements to thrive at any stage of life.

Biological Age Vs. Chronological Age

Many assume that our chronological age, or the number of years we've been alive, is the same as our biological age — the age of our cells and tissues. However, research has shown that this isn't always the case. While chronological age is a fixed number, biological age is influenced by various factors, including genetics, lifestyle habits, and environmental exposures. In some cases, biological age can be significantly higher or lower than our chronological age, indicating that our bodies may be aging faster or slower than expected. Scientists believe we may be able to slow down the aging process and improve our overall health and wellness by taking care of our cellular health, which is where our longevity supplements come in. 

NAD+ Boosters

Our NAD+ booster longevity supplements are NMN and NR, precursor compounds to NAD+ that are easily absorbed by the body. Some studies have shown these compounds to improve energy metabolism, support healthy aging, and potentially provide other health benefits such as improved cardiovascular health and neuroprotection [1].

Support Cell Autophagy

Cell autophagy is part of the natural cycle of life for the cells. It involves breaking the cell matter and recycling different proteins and other components. This process plays a crucial role in maintaining cellular health and preventing the accumulation of toxic cellular waste that can contribute to age-related diseases.

Compounds like fisetin and spermidine have been shown to support cell autophagy to maintain a healthy aging process with proper cell functioning.

Frequently Asked Questions About Longevity Supplements